June 19, 2024
Dealing With Sore Throat At Home

Dealing With Sore Throat At Home – Remedies and Aides

Usually, a sore throat (อาการ เจ็บ คอ, this is the term in Thai) is accompanied by discomfort, itching, or irritation. It could be more painful to swallow, which makes it challenging to take in food and beverages. A sore throat can be uncomfortable and will surely affect your daily life such as getting a good night’s sleep, even if it isn’t severe enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. Pain and discomfort can be reduced using at-home treatments.

Gargling of saltwater

Warm salt water gargling might help break down secretions and ease sore throats. It might also aid in lessening throat bacteria. Pour half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water to create a saltwater solution. Use it as a gargle to clear the throat.


It is a traditional cure for sore throat and best used with tea. Honey can reduce children’s coughs and works the same way as most cough medicines available today. In fact, it worked better than most antibiotics for cough and sore throat.


Breath freshening is a well-known benefit of peppermint. It possesses some great properties such as antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. Menthol, a chemical found in peppermint, helps thin mucus and soothes the throat. You can readily purchase peppermint infused products in the market. You can also prepare your own peppermint by bringing dried peppermint leaves to a boil, add some water and let settle for a few minutes. After a couple of minutes, filter the tea and let it cool a little.

Chamomile tea

For many years, chamomile tea, which is naturally calming, has been used medicinally, one of the uses being the relief of sore throats. It possesses astringent, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory qualities. Chamomile in its powder form may be useful in reducing throat, nose, and ocular inflammation. Having chamomile tea could have the similar effect. Additionally, it might boost immunity, assisting your body in healing from the virus that gave you a sore throat.


Garlic naturally possesses antimicrobial qualities. Garlic is recognized to have antiviral properties; allicin, a chemical that has been shown to fight off viral infections. Taking supplements of garlic on a regular basis can help in the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. Garlic has antibacterial characteristics that you may take advantage of by include it in your diet. Try biting or sucking on a clove of garlic. Afterward, you might wish to clean your teeth to freshen your breath and shield them from enzymes.

Steam or humidity

An already painful throat may get worse in dry air. Increasing the moisture content can be beneficial. For instance, breathing in steam can relieve sore throats. To do this, fill a basin with freshly boiled water. Put a cloth over your head and inhale properly so that your mouth and nose can let in the steam. For ten to fifteen minutes, do this. To keep the bowl steaming, you might need to add a little extra freshly heated water. You could also close the bathroom door and take a hot shower. You can breathe in the warm, humid air once the restroom has started to steam.

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