June 19, 2024

Do You Know a Dental Crown in Winnipeg? How to Know?

No person will ever wish to have an infected or damaged tooth. Everyone hopes that brushing and flossing their teeth regularly is enough to keep them strong and healthy. However, your natural teeth are vulnerable to a lot of kinds of damage. And if damage happens, dental restorations such as Winnipeg dental crowns can protect your teeth from further damage. Dental crowns safeguard the teeth from more decay, cavities, and injury. Additionally, they can alter the shape, look, and size of your tooth. 

How Dental Crowns Work

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that a dentist places over existing teeth. They can be positioned in dental bridges or attached to dental implants. A dental crown’s cap is made to appear and function like natural teeth. They come in ceramic, porcelain, and gold fused to metal. Every material provides specific benefits to meet the specific needs of every patient. 

How to Know You Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns might be the right solution to improve your look and your teeth’s integrity for many reasons. These reasons include the following:

  • Replacing missing teeth with implants. Dental implants are used to replace the roots of missing teeth. They fused with your jawbone. A dental crown is attached to the implant to create a natural tooth’s look and function. 
  • Protecting weak teeth. Dental crowns can be used for recovering injured or decayed teeth. This includes teeth that undergo a root canal treatment, with a very big cavity that cannot be filled or sustain a crack that must be covered. A crown is meant to protect and strengthen. It lets you brush your teeth and chew food without worrying about further damage or pain.
  • Holding a dental bridge. Conventional bridges hold an artificial tooth in place using a dental crown cemented onto the adjacent teeth. Crowns provide an affordable solution to complete your smile again as long as the natural teeth on both sides of the missing teeth are strong enough to hold them in place. 
  • Replacing a filling. A dental filling fills the crevices, pits, and contours of the back teeth. They prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating and causing ongoing decay. Dental crowns can be utilized to replace ineffective dental fillings or restore teeth with fillings that are too big. 

To know if you need a dental crown, consult your dentist. But the signs above are red flags that your tooth must be replaced. Then, you can decide if speaking with your dentist is the next step. 

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