June 19, 2024

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Slow Juicer

Buying a slow juicer can be a tedious and daunting task. One must select from a wide array of Hurom models in the market. This can be confusing, especially when he/she is unsure of the criteria to consider. Several first-time buyers make the mistake of purchasing the wrong juicer. When a buyer picks the wrong juicer, it doesn’t give him/her the highest value of money invested. Henceforth, it is necessary to avoid certain shopping mistakes that are commonly committed by first-time buyers.

Impulsive buying

Buying a juicer after seeing an advertisement and figuring out that it is affordable is a common scenario. Moreover, a good salesperson can also persuade an impulsive buyer to get hold of one model. Irrespective of the cost of the slow juicer, this shouldn’t be the attitude of a buyer. Similar to any big investment, a slow juicer buyer must also carry out thorough research of the available products. Research helps in determining the right juicer before heading out to the stores. One will be encountered with multiple choices. Instead of being impulsive, the buyer must pick a model that caters to his/her demands optimally.

Picking the cheapest juicer

Another common mistake buyers commit is picking the cheapest model before spending less. Buying the cheapest slow juicer available might be of the lowest quality, giving the least value for money. A juicer with a low price tag doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be of low quality. But several times, it has been found that the cheapest price-tagged juicers are useless. It is recommended that one must spend money on a slow juicer that is efficient, long-lasting, and of superior quality.

Investing in a juicer with fixed components

Buying a Hurom juicer with fixed parts might seem a good option since less or no assembly is required. But, in the long run, especially after using, one will find that it is better to purchase a juicer that comes with removable parts. This makes sense because cleaning and maintenance are easier and more effective. When one can clean the juicer parts effectively, the hygiene factor gets taken care of optimally without meddling with the juice quality.

Ignoring the warranty

One can get highly excited when he/she gets a juicer of choice. This might lead to ignoring the warranty period. It is always suggested that a buyer must purchase a juicer that comes with a warranty period, which can be extended as well by paying a minimal amount. The warranty helps with the expense of any repairs or replacements in case of malfunctioning of the slow juicer. An extended warranty is an indication that the juicer is of top-notch quality, and the manufacturer values customers and the durability of the product.


The above-mentioned are some of the common yet grave mistakes that buyers commit while shopping for slow juicers. The market is flooded with many Hurom and other brand slow juicers. Making mistakes while buying a juicer can affect the value of money invested and doesn’t cater to the purpose of buying.

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