June 19, 2024

Why Do You Need Composite Fillings?

Fillings are a type of dental treatment used to restore tooth structure after damage. In fact, fillings in Dacula, GA, come in many different shapes and sizes with the biggest variety being composite fillings. Composite fillings are made from resins, powdered glass, or ground silica combined with a ceramic powder to make an adhesive that is able to create a strong filling while mimicking healthy tooth enamel. These materials are compressed and then injected into the tooth. They have a rigidity that allows them to be surgically inserted in the same manner as a metal filling, although they may be slightly thicker.

Composite fillings offer many advantages over other types of dental fillings. The main advantage is their increased durability. As a result, they are able to last for years without any additional restoration. They also offer an aesthetic advantage as they look very similar to teeth. Another benefit is that they do not need any additional gum support and can be placed in natural teeth or next to other fillings. 

Here are some reasons for you to consider getting composite fillings.

  • To stop the damage

As composite fillings are the best option when it comes to restoring teeth, they offer you an opportunity to prolong the life of your teeth. Since you are trying to stop dental damage before it becomes irreversible, composite fillings will help stop your teeth from fracturing or cracking. With this in mind, composite fillings can prevent extensive damage that may result in tooth loss due to decay or injury.

  • To preserve as much as tooth as possible

Another reason for dental patients to get composite fillings is to preserve as much of the tooth as possible. As a result, the patient can keep more of their natural teeth. Remember that natural teeth can be more attractive and healthier than artificial ones. 

  • For better bonding

Composite fillings are an excellent choice when it comes to bonding with the teeth. Since they have the rigidity of a metal filling, they can be bonded with other dental materials that are used in the same way. This means that composite fillings can produce stronger bonds than regular dental fillings.

  • For improved appearance

Composite fillings are considered to be one of the best materials for improving the appearance of teeth. This is why they are well-liked by people that want to change the look of their teeth. With composite fillings, the patient may be able to restore their natural teeth, which will help them maintain a more appealing appearance.

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