June 19, 2024

How To Juice The Healthy Way

Juicing is one of the best ways to extract essential minerals from fruits and vegetables. It is also one of the most misunderstood ways to eat healthy eating.

Nonetheless, many people continue to benefit from the nutrients stored in carrots, broccoli, apples, kale and many other vegetables. Juicing is a healthy option for people of all ages. You can introduce your children to different colors and tastes using a slow juicer professional. You can also opt for juicing to help you check your weight and replenish your body after workouts or fasting.

Tips to maximize juicing

Juice more vegetables than fruits

Fruits have more sugar levels than vegetables. Consequently, juicing more fruits in your power drinks adds calories which can spike sugar levels in the blood. Diabetic persons should have more vegetables than fruits in their glass of juice. Therefore, have more broccoli, spinach, cucumber and celery and fewer apples and oranges.

Drink it first thing in the morning

A healthy glass of fresh juice is best absorbed on an empty stomach. Therefore make a fresh glass of juice and use it to break your fast as soon as you wake up. Fresh juice is tasty and maintains the nutrients at their best. Juice that remains in the open air for a long time taste stale. Further, exposure to elements such as light and air breaks down nutrients, making the juice less nutritional.

Add fats and proteins

You can add nutrition to your juice by adding proteins and fats. Chia seeds and fenugreek are the most suitable options to add to your juice. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids essential for brain and nervous functions. 

You can also add small quantities of flax or coconut oil. The fats and proteins are critical for anyone taking juice as an alternative for a regular morning breakfast.

Additionally, you can purchase powdered amino acids to enrich your juice because the body does not produce them. Therefore, one must consume meat, fish and lentils to replenish body requirements. 

Top benefits of juicing regularly

Many people prefer juicing for various reasons, including:

  • Breaks down food particles

Juicing breaks down fruits and vegetables into manageable sizes. Consequently, you benefit more from the nutrients helping your bowels to move smoothly and faster. However, you should not take juicing to replace your need to eat whole vegetables. Fiber is a critical requirement for bowel movement.

  • Benefit from vegetables you hate to eat

Juicing is a convenient way to consume the vegetables you hate chewing. Some vegetables may not appeal to your taste buds; however, the body can benefit from the nutrients they contain. Juicing is an easy way to benefit from such fruits and vegetables. Therefore if you can eat it, juice it and drink it.


Juicing is a healthy way of nourishing your body. Juicing helps you to benefit from all types of vegetables and fruits in a tasty and more beneficial way. Purchase a high-quality juicer to get the best liquid from your fruits and vegetables.


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