May 27, 2024

Signs That Will Tell You That You Need to Consider Braces Again

Braces are something that will help you get your beautiful smile back forever. However, many times there are chances of relapsing. This might be worrisome and a disappointing experience even after wearing these metal braces for years and all the trouble that you have gone through.

Dr. Reza Hekmat is one of the orthodontist Rancho Bernardo who can solve this problem of your orthodontic relapse. The entire team is there to provide you with the best and the most advanced orthodontic care. They will help you with the treatment with or without insurance too. However, before that, you need to understand the signs of orthodontists relapsing. Here are some for your reference.

New crowding

The first sign that you would see is the overcrowding of the braces. This can happen if your teeth have been overcrowded even before the first round of orthodontic procedures. The tooth instead of shifting away from each other, start to shift closer to each other. This is a perfect sign to understand that you will need to have some new braces as this can create more issues. Your teeth can start to wear down and can make it difficult for you to practice your oral hygiene like flossing.

New Gaps

Shifting of the teeth not only creates overcrowding, but also creates gaps between the teeth making them look awful. So, now that you have started to see new gaps between the teeth, it is time for you to visit orthodontist 4S Ranch. He will align the tooth so that flossing can be done easily. Gaps usually occur quicker than you expected. This usually happens when people do not wear those removable retainers for the amount of time suggested by the dentist.

Gum disease and Tooth decay

When you have a moving tooth, then you need to be alert. As this might be a sign of gum disease or tooth decay. Whenever your teeth have moved out of the position then there are chances that bacteria and plaque start to develop at the new pockets. These places are hard to reach by brushing and flossing. Therefore, causing gum and tooth problems. So, if you notice any of these signs like gum redness or bleeding then you make an appointment with a dentist immediately.

Jaw pain

This is one of the big indicators of relapsing. Jaw pain can be very uncomfortable and this might happen every time you chew or talk or even all the time the day. It is often caused due to the misalignment of the jaw. Braces need not be the only solution for it every time but this can help you a lot. By realigning your teeth, you can also realign your jaw bones so that there is less pain or pressure on your jaw.

Chewing or Speaking Difficulty

Shifting teeth may always impact your speaking and chewing ability. When your teeth are misaligned in the mouth then it will affect your biting pattern. This may result in an inability to chew food properly or an inability to pronounce certain words. So, if you experience this problem, then it is time to check with your orthodontist.

Hiding your smile

People love to show their beautiful smiles. But when it is the time when you are hiding your smile, you need to find out the reason for the same. Many times, it is due to the discoloration of your teeth which can be addressed by your dentist. However, sometimes this can be due to crooked teeth, gaps, or overlapping. In such cases, braces can be the ones that can give your smile back. In such cases, consider visiting your orthodontist to get this treated.

If you have identified any of these above signs, then you might be thinking about alternatives. Invisalign is one good option which is a plastic clear tray that can be placed on your tooth. This can be removed off to eat, drink, or any other oral health routines. But remember, this cannot solve all the issues that your braces can do. So, it is better you opt for braces 4S Ranch for a perfect solution.

Contact your orthodontist today for an appointment. The earlier you do the treatment, the faster you can see the results.

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