June 19, 2024

Should You Push Through Pain?


Everybody is familiar with the concept of “powering through suffering.” However, it can also have expensive effects as thousands of athletes have seen.

Our doctors discuss the causes and when to seek treatment.

Why do we feel pain?

All sentient beings share the ability to feel pain. Sometimes pain is simply a response to doing something strenuous like stretching or using an elliptical machine at work.

This type of pain is often quick to disappear. Although it may return the next time you use the elliptical again, your muscles will get stronger as they become accustomed to new stressors.

Sometimes, pain can be a warning sign from your brain that you need medical attention. For example, if you are experiencing severe pain after a joint injury and cannot go to sleep due to it.

If your pain doesn’t improve, you should see a doctor. If your pain is severe enough that you are unable to bear your weight or cannot sleep at night, or if you have difficulty finding a comfortable position that relieves your pain, you should see a doctor. This pain will not go away and you are entitled to help.

25% of adults suffer from chronic pain. One in five of those suffering from chronic pain lasts more than 20 years. This kind of pain can make it difficult to live a full life. The goal of pain management is to make your life more enjoyable and less painful.

How to get help for your pain

You can usually live with pain from an activity that does not interfere with your normal activities for less than a few days.

If the pain persists, is severe, or is accompanied with other problems such as mobility issues, swelling, or functional issues, then you may need medical attention. To continue with the activity, ignore the pain. This can lead to additional damage.

Athletes are more at risk of serious injury than others. This can be made worse by “playing it through.”

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