April 23, 2024

Uplift Your Mood, Start Eating Vitamin C Enriched Food

Vitamin C is also popularly known as ascorbic acid. It is a water-soluble content, transported to the body’s tissues, but the body does not carry it. To keep up the adequate levels of vitamin C, an everyday person must intake food that stores it.

Vitamin C arises naturally in some foods, majorly in fruits and vegetables. The body calls for vitamin C for a lot of functions. Vitamin C is one of the most required nutrients for health. 

It supports you in maintaining bones and blood vessels and keeps up your skin quality. It also acts as an antioxidant.

Food Sources of Vitamin C 

It is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamin C as they cannot be produced in the human body. You will have to consume it from the outside to build your body for other synthesizing purposes. A Vitamin C foods list is prepared here for you:

Citrus Fruits: It is believed that one lime or orange per day may be sufficient for a person to receive their necessary dose. The most easily taken source of Vitamin C is citrus fruits.

Bell Peppers: Whether you are tossing vegetables or making an Italian casserole in an Asian stir-fry, don’t forget to add bell peppers for your Vitamin C kick.

Papaya: Only half a cup of papaya can supply you with ample vitamin C for the entire day. The many other uses are additional motivation to consume the fruit.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are abundant in having vitamin C nutrients. Consume them plain or mix them in a salad; tomatoes are the most multipurpose fruit to eat. They are Eaten in raw form. 

Broccoli: This wonder and versatile vegetable is a powerhouse of benefits. It has high contents of Vitamin C; therefore, include it in your salads.

Strawberries: It is the most recommended winter fruit to eat. A plate full of strawberries and cream may increase your weight, but it is also wrapped with Vitamin C nutrients. 

Lemons: Lemons are considered one of the biggest providers of Vitamin C. It helps you to stay away from stroke and heart diseases.

Capsicums: Yellow Capsicum carries high contents of Vitamin C when compared to red and green. It is excellent for adding to your diet and helping your immune system.

Your ignorance of Vitamin C can build up deficiency disease.

Not eating sufficient vegetables and fresh fruits can lead to deficiency. Critical deficiency, known as scurvy, causes gum and dental issues, dry hair, bruising, and skin problems. 

It may also cause anaemia. People start getting tired very frequently, and weakness turns into irritation. The teeth may gradually begin to fall. The treatment is based on blood tests and symptoms. 

Diagnosis of Vitamin C disease

A doctor will carry out a physical exam and take lab tests to examine vitamin C levels in the blood. The deficiency problems of Vitamin C can be cured by eating the suggested number of items from the Vitamin C foods list. Or by adding the advised content of vitamin C supplements.  


One can always prevent themselves from problems occurring due to the lack of Vitamin C. This entirely depends on your diet and eating habits. Smokers need a lot of Vitamin C content compared to other people.

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