July 21, 2024

Does Urgent Care Do STD Testing

Consider seeing your GP or genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic if you are concerned that you may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). There is no cure for most STIs, but you should get to see how to apply for an STD check near me as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Infections caused by sexual activity (STIs)

An STI infection is transmitted through unprotected sex (not using a condom) or genital contact. This includes:

  • Plague
  • A genital wart
  • The herpes genitalis virus
  • Gonorrhea
  • AIDS
  • Infection with lice
  • syphilis

What is the best time to visit a sexual health clinic?

If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, you should go to a GUM or sexual health clinic. The STD test price is determined by the number of symptoms you may be experiencing.

Among women:

Your vaginal discharge may be yellow or green, or you may smell the discharge

  • After or during sex, bleeding
  • Between-period bleeding
  • During sex, there is pain
  • Your lower abdomen hurts


  • Having a penis discharge
  • Your testicles are hurting

As a woman or a man:

  • Passing urine causes pain
  • Your genital area feels itchy, burning, or tingly
  • Blotches, sores, lumps, or lesions around your anus or genitals
  • You may find white spots or black powder lining your underwear (which may be lice eggs or droppings).

Testing for STIs

Young people’s services, pharmacies, contraception clinics, and some general practices may also test for some STIs. Symptoms do not always accompany an STI. Consider looking for a free STD testing near me if:

  • The sex you had with your new partner was unprotected
  • Neither you nor your partner has used condoms during a sexual encounter
  • If your partner has any of these symptoms, tell us about them
  • You are trying to get pregnant and may have been exposed to infection

Is STD testing available at Urgent Care?

Is urgent care able to test for STDs? Yes, they can. However, regular or annual testing may not be best performed at an urgent care. Some urgent care centers provide STD testing, but there are instances in which a testing center would be a better option.

Several people prefer to approach their local urgent care over their doctor’s office because they can walk into an urgent care without scheduling an appointment, making it seem like a quicker alternative.

People may also avoid the embarrassment of visiting their primary care physician by visiting an urgent care center. Some people may prefer to have that conversation with someone they aren’t familiar with, such as a nurse or doctor.

Insurance providers work with us

Another reason someone might visit an urgent care facility is that their insurance covers the expenses. It may seem more cost-effective than going to clinics or testing centers with limited insurance acceptance. Still, patients may not realize that they can also expect additional fees or copays. Having no idea what their insurance will cover or how much they’ll have to pay out of pocket may make it hard to estimate how much they’ll have to pay out-of-pocket upfront.

Priority STD Testing

With priority STD Testing, you will enjoy many of the conveniences of urgent care, but the testing will be private, fast, complete, and confidential. When you use Priority STD Testing, you can schedule an appointment online for the same day or the next day, arrive and leave the testing center within 30 minutes, and get your results within a few days.

We offer the same or better prices than urgent care facilities, without a lengthy wait in a waiting room. You have to provide a few basic details for a care counselor online, show up at the testing center, provide the required sample(s), and leave.

Moreover, all of your information will remain private, including your test results. There are no surprises regarding the test costs when you use Priority STD Testing because the company does not accept insurance.

The testing results are not reported to your insurance provider and will not form part of your personal health record because the testing is not processed through health insurance. Whether it’s about the testing process or about your results, our trained care counselors are available for advice, support, and guidance to help you reach sexual wellness.

What are the situations in which you should go to urgent care rather than a testing center?

There are a lot of similarities between urgent care testing and testing at Priority STD Testing, but sometimes a visit to one place is better than another. Most situations that do not require tests can be handled at an urgent care facility.

Urgent care centers best handle testing due to their lack of equipment to provide prompt testing services and the need to send samples to a third-party lab. This may delay the results, and your insurance company may also charge you hidden fees.

A person who is already confident they have contracted an STD can get same-day treatment at an urgent care center if their partner has a positive test for the disease. However, before they can receive treatment, they usually need to retest on their end. In addition, waiting times at the clinic may be prolonged unnecessarily due to long lines.

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