July 21, 2024

Omar Yunes Continues to Grow and Lead Innovative Fitness Organization 54D

The physical fitness industry is a very important one as it helps people reach their personal physical and mental fitness goals. Today, there are many companies across the globe that are dedicated to helping others get in shape. One unique fitness company that is continuing to grow under the guidance of CEO Omar Yunes is 54D.

Omar Yunes Involvement with Company Starts as a Customer

54D is a growing fitness company that has a unique take on the exercise industry. A former professional soccer player that always took his fitness industry founded the company in 2012. After hearing about the results of the program, Omar Yunes became a customer and was fascinated by the concept and results. He eventually formed a friendship with the company’s founder and took on a role as partner and CEO with the intent to continue to expand the program.

54D Moves into the United States

After spending years operating out of a fitness studio in Mexico City, Omar Yunes and his partner have opted to grow the company internationally. After spending nearly a year working permits, the first 54D studio was opened in Miami in 2019. This proved to be a great move for the company as there continues to be a strong dedication to physical fitness in the south Florida market.

Company Takes a No-Nonsense Approach to Fitness

One of the differences between 54D and other fitness classes is that there is a no-nonsense approach and they expect all customers to be dedicated. While other gyms will take just about anyone, Omar Yunes and the 54D team only want to work with people that are dedicated to the program. The program, which is designed to last 54 days, requires a lot of commitment to exercise and following a healthy diet. Those that are not dedicated to the program could actually be kicked out. 54D also has a rigorous application process, which helps to ensure only dedicated customers join the program.

54D Evolves During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Similar to any other fitness center across the country, 2020 was a challenging year as the studio had to be closed for a period of time. While all the live locations were closed for a few months, this did provide Yunes and the rest of the 54D team an opportunity to expand their offerings by having electronic classes and sessions with customers. While it did not allow for in-person instruction, the program helped many people stay focused on their goals and avoid weight gain associated with quarantine.

Further International Expansion

While 54D has done well in Mexico and parts of the United States, there is still a lot of demand for the popular program elsewhere. Omar Yunes and others are looking towards opening locations in other countries such as Greece and Spain. With the amount of live-stream classes available, they could find a way to reach anyone across the globe.

The 54D fitness organization is continuing to grow thanks to the efforts of Omar Yunes. He and the rest of the team remain dedicated to helping people reach their personal fitness goals and further international expansion and online offerings can help the company grow their scale in the future.

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